ASSAULT belt - Mollebelte Cobra D-Ring Ranger Green

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ASSAULT belt - Mollebelte  Cobra D-Ring Ranger Green18KN

Cobra belte med Molle innfesting.
Farge - Ranger Green (øvrige bilder for illustrasjon)
Cobra D ring.
Innerbelte som kan brukes på buksen. 
Innerbelte festes til ytterbelte med velcro
Made in Poland

The size chart: S - 75-90cm, M - 85-100cm, L - 95-110cm, XL - 105-120cm, XXL - 115-130cm

Double layer belt for special purposes, especially for carrying a gun holster, magazine pouches and other accessories.

Combination of inner Velcro belt and the main belt outside keeps everything in its place, gives the maximum stiffness of the belt and prevents the belt moving when you draw the gun from its holster or magazines from their pouches.

The inner belt is only complementary to the main belt, it cannot be used as an only belt as it is fastened only with a Velcro section.

The main belt is fully functional, it can be used alone as a rigid belt like Bayonet Thirdline, but it is a bit stiffer because of the inside layer of Velcro.

The ASSAULT belts use Ansi 18kN COBRA buckles with matte black anodizing (this kind of coating is more durable than the powder coating).

Product specifications:

Inner belt inserted into the belt loops of trousers:

  • single-layer
  • Velcro hooks sewn on the outside of the webbing,
  • fastened with Velcro loops

Main belt attached to the inner belt:

  • sewn with two layers of webbing ,
  • Velcro loops sewn inside
  • Cordura cells molle standard sewn outside
  • end of the belt secured with Velcro,
  • adjustable waist: 15cm
  • available sizes below
  • fastened with Ansi 18kN AustriAlpin Cobra buckle, matte black D-Ring, matte black release clips

    The size chart: S - 75-90cm, M - 85-100cm, L - 95-110cm, XL - 105-120cm, XXL - 115-130cm

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