HWI Taca 100 - TAC-TEX™ PRO Hanske

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HWI Taca 100 - TAC-TEX™ PRO Hanske

Aksjonshanske/skytehanske fra HWI. Max grep og kontroll, touchscreen kompatibel. 
"Second-skin feel"
Fingerledd med ekstra bevegelighet ift håndtering vpn mm.

The Tac-Tex™ Pro (TACA) offers elite firearm tactility, comfort and dexterity for shooting sports and tactical missions. Built with breathable spandex knit, and our distinctive Breezeway .5mm vented synthetic leather to keep you cool on the range. The .5mm Breezeway synthetic leather combined with silicone grip gives maximum control, and a second-skin feel. Flexible materials, and special expanding finger hinge design for improved hand articulation and abrasion protection. Fully touchscreen compatible.

  • Silicone grip
  • Inside Lining: Non-Melt Anti-Microbial SmartSilver™ Fabric, laminated to GORE-TEX® Glove insert
  • .5mm Breezeway synthetic leather
  • Special expandable finger hinge design
  • Ultra comfortable Flexfit material
  • Nylon storage loop


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